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Download the MARS code v0.2

Download code (including the Java-to-Go package): [ tar (464 Kb), tar.z (82 Kb), tar.gz (62 Kb)]

ATTENTION: MARS is an academic prototype and NOT an industrial product. We apologize for any bug and badly documented feature that you will discover. In these cases, comments and feedbacks are very welcome.


If you download the MARS software, you should check that one of the following files is fully downloaded:

872448 Nov 13 13:03 mars.tar 312856 Nov 13 13:03 mars.tar.Z 185378 Nov 13 13:03 mars.tar.gz

The only two operation that you have to do to install the MARS software are:

  • uncompress the file mars.tar in the desired directory;
  • add in the environment variable CLASSPATH the directory Class (e.g. if the directory where the installation file is uncompressed is /user/ in the CLASSPATH variable you have to add /user/mars/Class).

The MARS software directories will have the following structure.

Mars diagram.png

In the Class directory are included the Java-To-Go agent system code modified (weakly) to be used with MARS coordination system, and the code of the MARS system. In the directory Example there is an example of an application that use agents and servers Java-To-Go together with the coordination power of MARS. The application operates in context of the Information Retrivial.

Running the Example The application consists in a Searcher agents that search for HTML pages including a specified keyword. You can get more information about this application downloading the paper "Reactive Tuple Spaces for Mobile Agent Coordination" available at: and reading the section "The application testbed".