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Download the PROOF (formerly ProWeb) code v1

The PROOF code was developed by Marco Massari during his thesis work at the University of Modena.

Download code



Guide to the installation of the framework



2. Requirements and Terminology

3. Configuration of the Proxy-host 3.1 Installation of the Proxy application

3.2 Installation of the "proxy" package

3.3 Installation of a Proxy Module in the Proxy application

3.4 Execution of the Proxy application 4. Configuration of the Client-hosts

5. Test Configuration

  1. Introduction

PROOF (formerly ProWeb) is a proxy server that can change its behaviour depending on the installed software module (called Proxy Module). PROOF is implemented as a general-purpose proxy framework that can embody an application-specific module. Users can exploit the services provided by the module using browsers which

Both the Proxy application and the Proxy Modules are implemented in Java; the classes and interfaces are grouped in the proxy package.

2.Requirements and Terminology

Two or more hosts are needed to let the application work. Only one of them executes the proxy application, and becomes the proxy server for the other hosts, which are the clients where users run the browsers. In the following, the host executing the proxy application is called Proxy-host, while the other hosts are called Client-hosts. Note that a user can run a browser also on the Proxy-host; in this case, the Proxy-host is also a Client-host. The proxy application requires a Java Virtual Machine 1.1.4 or later running on the Proxy-host. On the client side, a Java 1.1 enabled browser is required on the Client-host.

The following table summarises the above requirements: