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Red ink spells out a hateful message: a racial slur followed by the words home It was found inside a bathroom stall at Hogate Hall on DePauw campus. Very discomforting, said Freshman Brian Antoine, who heard about the incident. The new year brings a new venture for Scott Wise.

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Current research preferences conceptual reviews, questionnaires, focus groups and interviews, each of which fail to fully capture the longitudinal, dynamic and experiential nature of student life. This paper discusses the use of ethnography as an immersive alternative to surfacing the student voice. We suggest that by using the framework presented here, innovative researcher engagement can be deployed effectively to materialise student engagement and, in so doing, to derive rich representations of constituency experience in its widest sense..

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This point, for me, I have not seen something that would change my own sense of how the economy is doing, George said from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Thought there was scope to consider rate increases before now, but we wait and see what the committee thoughts are. Economy expanded at a 3.7 percent annualized rate last quarter, exceeding all estimates of economists surveyed by Bloomberg, a report showed Thursday.

In the age of Internet of Things (IoT), online data has witnessed significant growth in terms of volume and diversity, and research into information retrieval has become one of the important research themes in the Internet oriented data science research. In information retrieval, machine learning techniques have been widely adopted to automate the challenging process of relation extraction from text data, which is critical to the accuracy and efficiency of information retrieval based applications including recommender systems and sentiment analysis. In this context, this paper introduces a novel, domain knowledge centric methodology aimed at improving the accuracy of using machine learning methods for relation classification, and then utilise Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to optimise the feature selection for the learning algorithms.

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