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The pro deal side of the fight has been willing to threaten the political futures of Democrats who oppose the president, while opponents of the deal have not. One pro Israel lobbyist told us that the community of donors, fund raisers and activists opposing the nuclear accord have yet to decide whether they will support primary opponents of the Democrats who vote with the president. Contrast this to the White House, which suggested earlier this month that Democrats may want to support an alternative leader in the Senate to Schumer, who was the consensus candidate to replace Harry Reid when he retires next year..

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Their bodies change and you get that feeling. It's not just I'm going through plays. This is a situation where something is on the line. I am not bragging but please, I know I can coach in this league. I'll continue to coach in this league, whether it's here or somewhere else. They are good tough guys.

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According to a presentation by Catarina Flyborg, general manager for cell and gene therapy at GE Healthcare Life Sciences, cell therapies spend 10 20 days in production, but today's thinking is to reduce this to 5 days or less. Likewise, cell and gene therapies have complex supply chains requiring expertise in engineering, logistics, and biology. "Getting the right product to the right person needs machine learning (ML) and AI," she says..

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Schedule your departure for the middle of the week or a Saturday. Airlines generally release sales for specific routes on Monday night because they want travel agencies to catch wind of sales early in the week. Competitors match the deals on Tuesday morning, which causes airlines to lower the flight costs.
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