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Download the MARS code v2.0

The MARS (Mobile Agent Reactive Spaces) release v2.0 available for downloding has been slightly tuned to work in conjunction with SOMA (Secure and Open Mobile Agent), a Mobile Agent System developed at the University of Bologna. This has also required a slight modification of the SOMA code. The original SOMA code is available at

The guidelines to install MARS with different agents systems (i.e. Aglets and Mole) will be available in the near future.

Download the MARS code:

[ Media:MARS.tar (660 KB), Media:MARS.tar.gz (149 KB) ]

Download the (slightly modified) SOMA code:

[ Media:SOMA.tar (646 KB), Media:SOMA.tar.gz (170 KB)]

ATTENTION: MARS is an academic prototype and NOT an industrial product. We apologize for any bug and badly documented feature that you will discover. In these cases, comments and feedbacks are very welcome.


If you download the MARS and SOMA software, you should check to see that the complete file was downloaded:

676352 Dec 3 10:52 MARS.tar 152408 Dec 1 17:18 MARS.tar.gz

661504 Dec 3 10.52 SOMA.tar 174181 Dec 1 17.18 SOMA.tar.gz

More detailed instructions (also including further examples) are available here (also in Italian). For any problem, do not hesitate to contact Franco Zambonelli .

System requirements

JDK 1.2 beta 2 or later Cryptix 3.03 or later (cryptographic provider)

Install MARS and SOMA

Uncompress MARS.tar and SOMA.tar in the desired directory (for instance in your HOME directory).

   tar xf SOMA.tar
   tar xf MARS.tar

The following directories should be present:

   $HOME/Cryptix (if installed in the HOME directory)

Update the CLASSPATH environment variable:


Add the following lines to lib/security/ file in JDK 1.2:

   policy.provider = AgentSystem.AgentPolicy
   security.provider.2 = cryptix.provider.Cryptix

First line sets the security policy provider. Second line adds Cryptix package to the security providers' list.

Start-up and examples

Start the Java Remot Method Invocation Registry:

rmiregistry &

Start the Execution Environments (also called SOMA Places) togheter with MARS graphic interfaces:


Start the Information Retrieval example:


The application consists in a Searcher agents that search for HTML pages including a specified keyword. You can get more information about this application downloading the paper "Reactive Tuple Spaces for Mobile Agent Coordination" available at: and reading the section "The application testbed".

Start the Electronic Commerce example:


The script files are in $HOME/MARS/ directory.

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