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Download the MARS code v1.0

Download MARS code (needed): [ tar (632 Kb), tar.Z (232 Kb), tar.gz (152 Kb)]

Download MarsAglet code (needed): Media:MarsAglet.class.tar

Download Aglets code (if you don't have already it)

Download from Aglets site

ATTENTION: MARS is an academic prototype and NOT an industrial product. We apologize for any bug and badly documented feature that you will discover. In these cases, comments and feedbacks are very welcome. Instructions

  1. If you don't have the Aglets system on your host(s), download and install it in a appropriate directory, which will be called AGLETDIR in the following.
  2. Install the MARS code in an appropriate directory, which will be called MARSDIR in the following. Add the MARSDIR directory to the CLASSPATH variable.
  3. Copy the file MarsAglet.class in the directory where Aglets finds the code of fixed agents, for example AGLETDIR/public/trial.
  4. Start the Aglet server by the command AGLETDIR/bin/agletsd (or by the appropriate command if you have another one).
  5. Go to Option menu, General preferences. in the Sturtup section, check On Startup and insert the trial.MarsAglet class in the textfield. Restart the Aglet server. This will load the fixed agent MarsAglet, which create the tuple space and provide it to the incoming agents.
  6. The incoming agents can retrieve a reference to the local tuple space by asking for a property called MARS in this way:
     SpaceKernel marsKernel=(SpaceKernel)getAgletContext().getProperty("MARS");
     Space mars = (Space)marsKernel.createReactiveSpace(myId);

then the mars variable can be used to perform read, write and take operations, such as:, new Transaction(false), myId);

For information, please send a message to

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