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  • Requirements:
    • Support for WiFi (?) or Bluetooth communication (JSR-82)
      "Possibly the most depressing thing about Java support on phones is Bluetooth; many MIDP 1.0 and 2.0 phones have Bluetooth hardware built in, but do not support the optional J2SE Bluetooth API (JSR-82). Unluckily there is no way to access the BT hardware using Java without JSR-82 Support." [1]
    • Compatibility with Java
    • Compatibibile with Windows Mobile based on ASR CPU
    • others ???
  • Candidates:
    • Eve Virtual Machine: free VM for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Handhelds [2]
    • Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment" (WEME), the IBM Java ME solution [3]
    • phoneME [4]
  • Additional materials
    • Review of JVMs for Pocket PC [5]
    • Java on PocketPC (Unofficial FAQ) [6]
  • Installing PhoneME Feature MR 2 project