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Sun's phoneME project aims in deliveing implementation of J2ME specification to communionity of mobile application developers and mobile end users. One of its subprojects is phoneME Feature project, being is an open source development effort addressing the market and technical requirements of “feature phone” devices.

The aim of this tutorial is to describe me experience with building and testing PhoneME Feature MR2 project on the desktop machine with Linux. This would make implementation and testing easier, then moving compiled binaries of developed application to the target platform (PocketPC with Linux/ARM, Windows Mobile/ARM).

For such an aim

Qt for Embedded Linux

Formerly known as Qtopia Core. Allows

"Used by qtopia as a virtual frame buffer. qvfb is only offered in the qt4 package and is used for development of qtopia applications while emulating a frame buffer." [1]

" QT Virtual Framebuffer (QVFb) is provided as part of a standard distribution package. QVFb allows Qt/Embedded programs to be developed on a desktop machine, without having to switch between consoles and X11. It runs as a normal X application on a desktop machine but provides a virtual framebuffer to Qt/Embedded applications. Linux devices write to the screen using a framebuffer and QVFb emulates this behavior.

When QVFb is started it creates files that the Qt/Embedded application detects and uses to connect to QVFb. This is the same behavior used if the files were on a real device connected to the framebuffer, so to the application running on QVFb there is no difference." [2]


== Testing phoneMe

phoneME wywala sie z powodu gcc

w konfiguracji gcc trzeba znalezc linie z -Werror ( i ja zakomentowac) . W ten sposob gcc nie bedzie traktowal warningow jako komentarzy

== Testing QTopia

® ()

Qtopia does not install qvfb tool, need to download and install binaries form::

instalajuje qt-x11 (bo byly problemy z kompilacja)

 yum install qt-x11 

Testing Qtopia

./qvfb -depth 32 -width 800 -height 600

From QTopia core binaries:

./bin/qtdemo -qws

will launch qtdemo demo application with usage of emulator