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Decades of government mismanagement and disappointments had a profound effect on this once booming town. A fear of urban areas caused significant "white flight" to the suburbs in the middle of the 20th century; once affluent areas became centers of poverty and crime. Jersey City was a mirror of what was happening in New York City itself, although perhaps to a more significant and depressing degree..

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An 8 year old boy was killed Thursday when a pickup truck slammed into the rear of the buggy he was riding in. Four other people were seriously injured. No charges are expected to be considered until after the investigation is complete. We take it, and we not about to toss out the recession card either, which has nicely excused our financial shortcomings thus far. For those wide open summer days, the Clog humbly suggests an exodus from the Berkeley grid we know and love. Take Telegraph down a ways for some unforgettably dank fried chicken sandwiches and then continue Southward for a free outdoor film screening.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china 1 (top draft choice) pick back. There's a number of different penalties associated with that. So we're trying to stay under the second luxury tax penalty that crushes next year's pick. Obama adviser Jeffrey Zients said a five week emergency "tech surge" had doubled the capacity of the online health insurance portal that is crucial to helping millions of people shop for insurance plans, while making it more responsive and less prone to errors.But Zients also warned that peak traffic volumes during the coming weeks could eclipse the new capacity as consumers rush to sign up before a 23 December deadline for coverage that begins 1 January.That could delay some people from completing online applications for subsidised health coverage.Officials also acknowledged that the site still may not operate smoothly for some visitors, even when traffic volumes are within its capabilities.Even so, officials said, the site is dramatically better than when it was launched on 1 October. It was overwhelmed by users in a debacle that embarrassed Obama, fuelled Republicans' complaints about the Democratic president's healthcare overhaul, and threatened to make his signature domestic achievement a drag on Democrats heading into the 2014 elections, when control of Congress will be up for grabs."We've widened the system's on ramp it now has four lanes instead of one or two," he said. "We have a much more stable system that is reliably open for business."Cautious optimism and skepticismThe Zients team's success could mark a more upbeat chapter for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which also is known as Obamacare and is designed to help provide coverage to millions of uninsured and under insured Americans.An improved website won't solve all of Obamacare's problems, however.There are many questions on whether the program will be able to enroll the estimated 7 million people it needs by the end of March, including millions of healthy, young enrollees who are needed to keep the program's costs in check."The issue is really the management capacity of the Obama administration," said Robert Blendon, a Harvard University expert on healthcare policy and public opinion."If the website really is still working a week from now, it'll make people feel that at least they have the capacity to turn things around and move ahead."But a repeat of problems that plagued the site's launch could leave hundreds of thousands of people without coverage and deal a staggering blow to Obama's legacy and the 2014 election prospects of congressional Democrats, already on the defensive over the programme's recent problems.Republicans, who view the 2010 law as an unacceptable expansion of government that will limit healthcare choices and kill jobs, were quick on Sunday to say the administration overstated gains on the website."Have they made some progress? Yes wholesale nfl jerseys from china.
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